Welcome to the St. Louis Juice Press!

Our hand-crafted juices are prepared daily. Never heated or processed, they are cold-pressed and bottled immediately. Cold-pressed juice delivers the highest levels of enzymes and nutrients you can find in a raw, living food! It is nourishing, hydrating, energizing, and delicious.

About Us...

The St. Louis Juice Press was opened in 2012 by Jessica Rask, who noticed a gap in the availability of fresh juice in the St. Louis area. Our mission is to fill that gap. We produce a range of delicious juices packed with phytonutrients and living enzymes. All of our juice is cold-pressed with care, never heated, processed, or diluted. The only ingredients are the fruits and vegetables listed on the label! Our method ensures you get the most out of every drop. Fresh, cold-pressed juice is a healthful addition to your regular diet and an easy way to supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients.